G4S Contact Number – 0800 085 9899

Contact G4S UK customer services on their UK freephone telephone number 0800 085 9899 to discuss the security options provided by the company such as its secure cash management solutions.

About G4S

G4S plc is a British multinational security services company with operations in 125 countries including the United Kingdom. G4S offers a range of services from supplying security personnel to monitoring safety equipment for businesses. G4S provides secure prisoner transportation services in addition to working with overseas governments in order to support international security.

Secure Solutions – 0800 085 9899

Call G4S UK’s freephone helpline for secure solutions 0800 085 9899 in order to put forward your general enquiries about the company’s security services. For instance callers can ask about G4S’s online protocol monitoring before also requesting manned guarding with even the option for security with trained patrol dogs.

The G4S UK secure solutions helpline operates a 0800 number meaning that all calls are completely free of charge from both mobiles and landlines. G4S runs its phone lines with the opening times of 7am-7pm Monday to Friday.

Customer Services & Gas and Electricity Meters helpline – 0845 300 5016

Contact G4S UK’s customer services team 0845 300 5016 to discuss any general enquiries with a representative or to ask about the security company’s gas and electricity meter readings. G4S provides meter readings to all major energy suppliers while also offering data collection services to a consumer customer base meaning that callers can arrange secure transportation for either homes or businesses.

Callers can also enquire about G4S’ event security services where the agency will provide guards or engineers to monitor CCTV control rooms.
Alternatively if you are unsure which department specialist to contact then you can call the G4S customer service helpline to be directed to a specific advisor that is able to discuss matters ranging from tagging to 24-hour personal security. Callers can even discuss recruitment with the G4S customer service representative before putting together an application to their careers department.

Call G4S for any enquiries relating to their technical metering services that range from maintaining automated meters. You can also enquire about online security as G4S offers data management and recovery services.

The B4S customer service helpline operates a 0845 number meaning that calls are charged the standard per-minute rate for business numbers at 3p-18p for landlines or 6p-51p per minute for mobiles. However some service providers offer inclusive free minutes with their tariff that would make your call to the B4S customer service number free of charge. The opening hours for G4S UK’s customer service number are 7am-7pm Monday to Friday with lines closed on weekends.

Cash Solutions – 0844 800 4205

Call G4S UK’ cash solutions number 0844 800 4205 in order to arrange a secure money collection from an ATM or business. You can discuss the possibility of arranging a cash solutions service with the G4S representative before also enquiring about the secure courier options available such as an armoured van that is able to deliver any goods from your business to a bank.

The G4S cash solutions helpline runs a 0844 number meaning that calls are charged at business-rates that is determined by G4S but is usually a maximum of approximately 18p per minute from landlines and more from mobiles. The G4S cash solutions helpline is available to be contacted from 7am-7pm Monday to Friday.

All G4S Numbers – in one place

G4S Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services & Gas and Electricity Meters helpline 0845 300 5016 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
London Head Office 0207 963 3100 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
Sutton Office 0208 770 7000 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
Northern Ireland Office 0844 811 0118 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
G4S Cash Solutions 0845 644 1239 or 0844 800 4205 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
Security Services General Enquiries 0845 9000 447 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
Event Security Services 0843 634 6497 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
Facilities Management General Enquiries 0844 387 7744 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
Facilities Management Sales 0333 005 0431 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
G4S Care and Justice Services 0207 963 3100 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
G4S Careers 01989 550 325 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
Investigative Services 0208 770 7000 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
Ordnance Management 020 7963 3100 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
Utility Services Helpline 0191 201 3500 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
Secure Solutions 0800 085 9899 7am-7pm Monday to Friday
Media Enquiries 0207 963 3333 7am-7pm Monday to Friday

Other Ways to Contact G4S

Online Form

You may wish to contact the security company using the G4S online contact form for general enquiries if you are unable to call the telephone number directly.