AA Contact Number: 0800 88 77 66

The helpline for the AA is their freephone contact number 0800 88 77 66, where enquiries about membership, roadside assistance and their motoring products such as breakdown cover are handled.

The Automobile Association, or AA, is a company that should be on your contacts if you wish to never be in the position of being helpless on the road due to a car breakdown. Originally AA’s main form of service was to help motorists avoid speed traps set up by the police, nowadays they offer a range of breakdown cover insurance policies to assist in cases of automobile breakdowns. They are so committed to their service that they would even help out even when the caller is not yet a member.

If you want to contact them for roadside assistance with a breakdown then you need only contact them using their easy-to-remember freephone number 0800 887 766. Alternatively you want to talk to someone about car insurance claims, then call them at 0800 269 622. If you want to talk to someone about Home cover claims, then contact them at 0800 316 3983. These three lines are open 24/7, therefore please do not hesitate to call them in the event of an emergency.

If SMS text messaging is much more convenient for you, then text them on 07860 027 999, use this number if you want to ask for assistance in a breakdown where you are unable to make a call.

If you are hearing or speech-impaired, then contact them via their textphone numbers:

  • Emergency Breakdown – 18001 0800 88 77 66
  • Car Insurance Claims – 18001 269 622
  • Home Membership Claims – 18001 316 3983

If you require assistance but it’s not an emergency then you can contact the AA on their Non-Emergency Cover line by dialling 0800 085 2721. This line is open from 8am-8pm on weekdays, from 9am-5pm on Saturdays and from 10am-2pm on Sundays.

If you’re in Europe when your car breaks down, then call AA at 00 800 88 77 66 55 which is their 24 hour helpline. Alternatively if you’re using a French landline, contact them by dialling either 08 25 09 88 76 or 04 72 17 12 00 to contact their English-speaking advisors.

If you’re in non-European countries or if you’re using a UK mobile then you can either contact the AA on +33 825 09 88 76 or via +33 472 17 12 00. Both of these helplines are open 24/7 regardless of public holidays.

You can also contact them at their EU breakdown cover line at 0800 085 7253. This line is open from 8am-8pm during weekdays and from 9am-5pm on Saturdays.

If you want to renew, amend or cancel your breakdown cover policy then call them at 0343 316 4444, however you may have to pay a fee if you’re ending your membership earlier than the specified date on your contract.

If you have lost your car keys and would like a replacement then call their team of affiliated locksmiths on their freephone telephone number 0800 048 2800.

If you wish to claim Breakdown Repair Cover, contact them at 0344 579 0043 or for non-emergency sales contact them at 0800 587 5856.

You can also ask for AA’s assistance via their mobile app, which you can download for free here: www.theaa.com/apps/the-aa-app.html. However If you prefer to contact them via twitter, then tweet them @TheAA_Help. This is their online support service and they are happy to help you with any motoring enquiries you have. They start tweeting from 8am-8pm during weekdays and from 9am-4:45 on Saturdays so please note you will have to use their telephone helplines on Sunday.


AA insurance enquiries

If you’re in the market for insurance to protect your car, home or business then you can contact the AA at the following numbers:

  • Car Insurance sales, phone 0800 316 2456
  • Car Insurance claims call 0800 269 622
  • Enquiries  for existing car insurance policies, dial 0370 533 2211
  • For classic car insurance sales enquiries, just phone 0330 123 3879
  • Home insurance sales and quotes, phone 0800 197 6169
  • Enquiries for existing home insurance, ring 0370 606 1617
  • For home emergency cover quotes, dial 0800 197 0610
  • To reporting a home emergency as an existing policyholder, phone 0800 316 3983 (24/7)
  • If you aren’t yet a policy holder – 0800 197 4184
  • Motorcycle insurance new quotes are taken on this number 0344 335 2932
  • For van Insurance quotes, call 0800 083 8539
  • Life Insurance policy quotations, ring 0800 107 6646
  • For life Insurance quotes for the Over 50s, just phone 0800 107 6647
  • For Pet Insurance quotes, call 0800 294 2713
  • For all Business Insurance new quotes, just telephone 0800 294 0905
  • Travel Insurance new quotes are provided on this number 0800 912 5002

If you have any questions about any of their insurance products which you would prefer to solve online, then you can use their email contact form www.theaa.com/common/contact_us_form.jsp. Finally you can write letters to the AA Insurance customer service department using their postal address:

The Customer Care Unit,
AA Insurance Services,
PO Box 2AA,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE99 2AA,
United Kingdom.


AA home membership

For Home Membership enquiries you can contact the AA by calling the following numbers:

  • Pricing enquiries and quotes, phone 0800 197 0610.
  • To report emergencies, just telephone 0800 316 3983.
  • For general customer assistance, call 0800 197 4676.


AA financial services

You can contact the AA on the following contact numbers for Financial Services such as Credit Cards, Travel Currency Cards, Loans and Savings Accounts under the AA brand:

  • AA ISAs from Family Investments with dates after October 2015 – 0333 220 5069
  • Saving Accounts with dates prior to September 2nd 2015 – 0345 603 6302
  • AA Loans with dates from January 2014 onwards – 0345 241 1308
  • Loans dated from September 2009 onwards – 03457 212 212
  • AA Loans with dates prior August 2009 – 0345 606 1651
  • AA Travel Currency Card and Spend & Earn Card enquiries – 0345 340 3177
  • Manage an AA Credit Card from the Bank of Ireland with dates after July 2015 – 0345 600 5606
  • AA Credit Cards from MBNA with dates prior July 2015 – 0800 917 8612
  • AA Legal Documents – 0800 294 4896 or email at support@aalegaldocuments.co.uk


For Travel Assistance and Offers

  • Call AA Roadwatch on 84322 or 0906 888 4322 from a mobile phone, please be aware that this is a premium-rate service which may cost you several pounds per minute.
  • For official AA hotel star ratings contact their team on the local-rate phone number 01256 844 455.
  • For AA maps, atlases and car accessories, phone this number 01256 491 524.
  • For International Driving Permits, phone 0370 600 0371.


AA driving lessons

  • For driving lessons quotes and enquiries, phone the AA for free by dialling 0800 587 0087
  • Driving instructor employment enquiries, call 0800 587 0086.
  • Driving instructor training meanwhile is handled on 0800 316 0331.

If you want to send your enquiries to AA Driving School by post please address your letters to the following address:

Customer Services,
AA Driving School,
17th Floor, Capital Tower,
Greyfriars Road,
CF 10 3AG,
United Kingdom.


AA DriveTech Enquiries

Driver Awareness Courses enquiries are handled on this number 0344 264 6323 or through email to: driveraware@AAdrivetech.com.

FleetSafe sales phone numbers are 01256 495 732, 0344 264 6327 or you can email them at: tellmemore@AAdrivetech.com.

For the steer clear division, call 01256 495 520, 0345 070 6043 or steerclear@AAdrivetech.com.

The AA DriveTech commercial and passenger Vehicle Division – 01256 495 804, 0344 264 6325 or drivercpc@AAdrivetech.com.

General Enquiries about DriveTech – 01256 495 700, fax-01256 495 799.

For media and press enquiries over the phone, call 01256 495 969.

If you are interested becoming an AA driving instructor you can email their academy team by using this address: academy@theaa.com. You can contact AA DriveTech through the post by sending your letters to:

Customer Relations,
AA DriveTech,
Fanum House,
Basing View,
RG21 4EA,
United Kingdom.


Business Customers

Business Breakdown and Fleet Breakdown Cover from the AA is handled through their dedicated freephone contact number 0800 551 188. For AA Sign enquiries meanwhile call 0800 731 7003.


General Enquiries

If you require assistance with the AA websites please dial their local-rate number 0344 209 0754, or enter 18001 0344 209 0754 if you are using a textphone device.

If you require assistance with your disability when corresponding with the AA please dial 0800 26 20 50 or 18001 0800 26 20 50, for example if you need letters in large-print or braille. If you are calling their accessibility team from abroad just phone +44 161 333 0004.

You can also write to the AA general enquiries team at:

AA Customer Support,
Fanum House,
RG21 4EA,
United Kingdom.


AA on Social Media

You can also connect with the AA via their UK Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheAAUK, where you can see promotional posts and write comments detailing your breakdown dilemmas.

On Twitter, contact the AA by sending a tweet to their help-page https://twitter.com/TheAA_uk, trained advisors will then send an engineer to example the fault on your vehicle.

Google Plus users meanwhile can access the AA’s page here: https://plus.google.com/+TheAA.