Budgeting Loans Contact Number‬ – 0345 603 6967‬

Contact Jobcentre Plus on their UK contact number 0345 603 6967 in order to make a Budgeting Loan enquiry or ask a representative from the Department of Work & Pensions to send out a new claim form to your address.

What Are Budgeting Loans?

Budgeting Loans are interest-free loans provided by the UK Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) meaning that you only have to pay back what you borrow within a repayment period that is normally up to 104 weeks. Budgeting Loans are designed for people who are currently claiming benefits so that the money can help pay for household essentials such as furniture and clothing. Therefore the monthly repayments for a Budgeting Loan will be deducted from any benefits you may receive. It is important to note that the smallest amount you can borrow with a Budgeting Loan is £100.

Budgeting Loan Claims – 0345 603 6967

Any Budgeting Loan enquiries are made using the UK national Jobcentre Plus number 0345 603 6967 where an advisor from the Department of Work & Pensions can help with any queries or applications. You can also contact a Budgeting Loans advisor from the Jobcentre Plus to get a SF500 claims form sent to your address after discussing what details are needed to fill it in over the telephone. If you are unsure of any important information such as your national insurance (NI) number or how the Budgeting Loan may impact your universal credit entitlement then the representative will be able to assist you.

Callers can ask the Budgeting Loans advisor what to do in a financial emergency and whether a crisis loan can be paid into your account.

You can also download a Budgeting Loans claims form online using the DWP website meaning that you can also ask the claims advisor what to do once you have completed your forms. However, there is also a list of relevant Budgeting Loans postal addresses to send your claims forms at the end of this article.

It should be noted that Budgeting Loans claims can take up to 15 working days but if you have included your mobile phone number on your claims form then you can get updates on its progress.

The DWP Budgeting Loans team can be contacted from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday only meaning that you will not be able to enquire about any claim on weekends.

The Jobcentre Plus does not run a freephone service meaning that calls to the 0345 number will be charged the standard per-minute rate from both landlines and mobiles.

Where to Send Your Claims Form

London, the South and South East, North East and North West England

There are different DWP Budgeting loans depending on your UK location.

If you are living in London, the South and South East or the North East and North West then send your completed SF500 claims form to Freepost, DWP Budgeting Loans, United Kingdom.

West Midlands, South West England and Scotland

Applicants living in the West Midlands, South West England or Scotland should send their form to Freephone, Budgeting Loans 1, United Kingdom.

For Welsh Applicants with Cwmbran or Newport Postcodes

If you live in Wales and your postcode is either CF3, 5, 10-11, 14-15, 23-24, 31-48, 61-64, 71-72, 81-83, LD7, LL or SY then send your letters to Freepost, DWP Budgeting Loans 1, United Kingdom.

For Carmarthen, Llanelli and Postcodes

If your Welsh postcode is either CF4, 6-9, 12-13, 16-22, 25-30, 49-60, 65-70, 73-80, LD1-6 or LD8 then write to Freepost, DWP Budgeting Loans 2, United Kingdom.

Complain about a Budgeting Loan Decision

You can also call Budgeting Loan claims’ contact number 0345 603 6967 to make a complaint if you believe you have been unfairly rejected for a budgeting loan so that a DWP representative can reassess your case before potentially overturning the decision. If the advisor does not overturn the decision then you can send a fax to the Budgeting Loan independent case examiner using their telecopying number 0151 221 6601.

An alternatively way to make a complaint is to send a letter to The Independent Case Examiner, PO Box 209, Bootle, L20 7WA, United Kingdom.

However it should be noted that you need to wait 15 working days after posting your form before contacting the DWP advisor as they may not have processed your claim before then. Complaints should be made within 28 days of receiving the result your Budgeting Loan application.