EasyJet Contact Number: 0330 365 5000

Phone EasyJet’s 24-hour customer service helpline by dialling their local-rate 03 contact number: 0330 365 5000.

You should call this main general enquiries helpline if you want to check available flights, EasyJet prices or claim compensation for a delayed/cancelled EasyJet flight. If you want to contact EasyJet from outside the UK instead then please phone their dedicated international contact number +44 330 365 5454. You can also call these helplines to make an official complaint to EasyJet if you were unsatisfied by your treatment by a member of their staff or if your flight was delayed/cancelled without adequate notice or replacement flights. If you would prefer to send EasyJet an email please fill out an official online contact form at www.easyjet.com/en/help/contact-us/contact. If you would like to write to EasyJet please use their official postal address which we have provided here:

EasyJet Airline Company Limited,
Customer Service,
Hangar 89,
London Luton Airport,
LU2 9PF,
United Kingdom.

EasyJet Holidays – 0203 499 5251

Contact EasyJet Holidays by calling their general enquiries phone number 0203 499 5251. Please phone this customer service helpline if you are unable to travel for your holiday or if you have missed a flight in your EasyJet itinerary. If you would like to book an EasyJet holiday please phone their dedicated sales helpline 0203 499 5232 or send an email to their official address info-uk@holiday.easyjet.com. If you are on your EasyJet holiday and you have a medical emergency or if you have lost your EasyJet booking documents/vouchers please phone their 24/7 emergency helpline 0203 499 5248.

EasyJet Hotels – 0203 564 6725

Phone an advisor for EasyJet hotels by calling their main contact number 0203 564 6725. You should call this number to change your EasyJet hotel booking, to let them know that you are unable to travel or to tell EasyJet that there is a problem with your hotel. If you are calling EasyJet hotels from outside the UK then please call their dedicated phone number +44 20 3320 2609 to call them from abroad.

EasyJet Travel Insurance – 0371 200 0223

Phone the EasyJet Travel Insurance department by calling their general enquiries phone number 0371 200 0223 to make a query about your policy, to change or cancel your travel insurance policy. You can also call this helpline to get a quote for EasyJet travel insurance. If you would like to make a claim on your EasyJet policy or you have a medical emergency whilst on holiday please examine the full list of contact details for EasyJet travel insurance below.

EasyJet Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number
EasyJet Customer Services 0330 365 5000
EasyJet Holidays 0203 499 5251
EasyJet Hotels 0203 564 6725
EasyJet Travel Insurance – Customer Services 0371 200 0223
EasyJet Travel Insurance – Claims 0208 603 9692
EasyJet Travel Insurance – Complaints 0371 200 0223
Medical Emergencies (24/7) 0208 603 9693