National Insurance Contact Number: 0300 200 3500

If you would like some information regarding National Insurance then contact HMRC on their UK phone number 0300 200 3500. You can also contact them via textphone on 0300 200 3519 or if you’re abroad you can dial their international helpline +44 191 203 7010.

National Insurance is very important for any UK Resident because it is by virtue of their regular contributions that eligibility for certain government benefits like the state pension will be determined.

If you’re a UK resident older than 15 years old, earning upwards of £155 each week from your job or you are a self-employed citizen earning at least £5,965 each year, then you need to make contributions to the National Insurance fund.  Before you’re able to do this, you first need to secure your National Insurance number which is given to you on your 15th birthday or once you become a British citizen.


Phone HMRC for an NI number

To apply for a National Insurance number you need to call HMRC on their telephone contact number 0345 600 0643. Alternatively if you require Textphone or minicom services then you can dial 0345 600 0644.

However if you have lost or forgotten your number you can call HMRC for a confirmation on 0300 200 3502. Likewise if you’re using a Textphone device then you can text their advisors by dialling 0300 200 3519. They’ll send you a letter in the post confirming your National Insurance details so that you can apply for jobs or benefits.


General enquiries about National Insurance

Contact Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) with general enquiries regarding the National insurance by phoning their UK contact number 0300 200 3500. Here you can notify them that you have overpaid on your regular contributions, that you’re on an incorrect tax code or that your income has changed significantly. Moreover if you have recently changed your address or your personal details then you can phone this number to notify HMRC so that changes in your National Insurance account can be made accordingly.

Alternatively dial 0300 200 3519 if you need to use a Textphone device due to hearing difficulty or a speech impediment. Similarly if you’re calling from outside the UK then dial +44 191 203 7010, however calling HMRC about your National Insurance from abroad will cost you more than making a non-overseas call.

If you would like information about National Insurance for non-UK residents, then call HMRC on 0300 200 3506. You can also dial +44 191 203 7010 if you’re calling from outside the UK.

Finally if you’re an employer and would like to contact HMRC with some enquiries you may have about National Insurance payments, then call them on 0300 200 3401. Furthermore if you are outside of the UK then please call them on +44 15 0647 6066.


Contact HMRC via Post

If you want to write to HMRC regarding a query you may have about National Insurance, then send your post to:

National Insurance Contributions and Employer Office,
HM Revenue and Customs,
BX9 1AN,
United Kingdom.