NatWest Contact Number: 0345 788 8444

Contact NatWest customer services by calling their general enquiries phone number 0345 788 8444 for queries about your current account, credit card, loan & mortgage.

NatWest are one of the four largest banks operating in the United Kingdom, operating over 1,400 branches and a comprehensive range of telephone & online banking services. Their general enquiries phone number 0345 788 8444 is exceedingly useful if you want to transfer funds from your Natwest current & savings accounts and to get information about the interest rates that apply to their financial services. You can also call this number to update your personal details on your account, for example if you have changed your address or surname, and for technical support when using your online banking account, for example if you have forgotten your username or password.

Credit cards – 0370 333 9091

Contact NatWest on their dedicated customer service phone number 0370 333 9091 to apply for a new credit card, to check the interest rates that apply to their various cards and to manage your existing credit limit. You should also call this helpline if you wish to pay off your debt or by contrast if you are having financial difficulties in making the repayments on your card.

Mortgage enquiries – 0345 302 0190

Phone NatWest customer services on their mortgage enquiries contact number 0345 302 0190 to apply for a mortgage, manage your existing mortgage repayments and to remortgage your property if you are a homeowner. Additionally you should call this number if you want information about the length of mortgage terms they offer and the interest rates that apply to their mortgage deals.

Loans – 0800 200 400

Phone NatWest for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 200 400 for general enquiries about their loans and the interest rates that apply to their borrowing products. This helpline is also useful if you would like to pay off your loan early, borrow more from the back and if you would like to extend the length of your borrowing agreement.

Business banking – 0345 711 4477

Contact NatWest on their official commercial banking phone number 0345 711 4477 for business telephone banking and to manage your company’s current account or credit agreement. You should also call this contact number to check if your business is eligible for a loan and to change the nominated financial representatives of your company.

Lost & stolen cards – 0370 600 0459

Contact NatWest on their 24-hour phone number 0370 600 0459 immediatly if you believe your credit or debit card has been lost or stolen. By calling this number you can block your card to prevent it being used fraudulently, which has become increasingly important with the emergence of contactless payment systems. Additionally you can call this number to find out how long it will be until you receive your replacement card.

List of NatWest telephone numbers

Department Phone number
General enquiries & current accounts (England & Wales) 0345 788 8444
General enquiries & current accounts (Scotland) 0345 900 0200
Credit cards – Classic 0370 333 9091
Credit cards – Gold 0370 333 1993
Credit cards – Platinum 0370 909 3715
Private customers with finance managers 0333 202 3330
Business banking 0345 711 4477
Home insurance 0800 051 5450
Mortgages 0345 302 0190
Loans 0800 200 400
Financial advice helpline 0800 161 5921
Lost or stolen cards 0370 600 0459
Report fraud – current accounts 0800 161 5149
Report fraud – business accounts 0345 300 3986
Report fraud – credit cards 0800 161 5153
Report fraud – business credit cards 0345 300 4350

Postal address

You can also write to Natwest in order to send them letters of complaint or general enquiries by using their official customer service postal address which is provided here for your convenience:

Customer Relations Manager,
PO Box 594,
ME4 9DP,
United Kingdom.