NHS Contact Number: 0300 311 2233

Contact NHS England on their general enquiries phone number 0300 311 2233 to access & make a complaint about GP, dentist and pharmacy services.

The National Health Service (NHS) is the publicly-funded health care network in the four countries of the United Kingdom, which comprises of hospitals, GPs, walk-in centres, dentists, opticians and pharmacies. These services are generally free of charge and are funded through taxation and national insurance contributions. If you are a resident in England please phone their general enquiries contact number 0300 311 2233 to get advice on where your nearest GP or pharmacy is and to give feedback about an NHS treatment or service that you have received. Therefore if you would like to make an official complaint about your GP, dentist or any other member of NHS staff you should call this helpline. Please note that NHS England do not regulate services such as hospital care, mental health and NHS 111, therefore please use their official service finder to contact these secondary care providers.

NHS Wales

Alternatively if you are resident in Wales and you would like to browse the NHS services available in your area you should contact your local health board, where you can also make a complaint about any health services you have received.

NHS Scotland – 0141 414 2888

Contact NHS Scotland on their dedicated telephone number 0141 414 2888 for information about the healthcare services provided in the country and to provide feedback. However if you have a comment about a specific clinic, GP surgery or pharmacy you should contact your local Scottish health board by selecting your area on their online map.

NHS Northern Ireland (HSC)

Please contact your local Health & Social Care (HSC) organisation if you live in Northern Ireland and you would like to access the services provided by the NHS, or if you would like to make a complaint about a specific HSC trust.

Emergency contact number: 999

Please dial 999 immediately if you or someone you are with is experiencing a medical emergency so that an NHS paramedic crew can attend as quickly as possible. You can also call this number to request additional emergency services, for example requesting that the police attend after someone has been stabbed or getting the fire brigade to free a trapped person in a road traffic accident. It is a criminal offence to call 999 without adequate reason so only phone this number in the event of a medical emergency.

NHS 111 – 111

You should call the NHS on their non-emergency telephone number 111 if you require medical assistance but it isn’t a life-threatening emergency that requires ambulance crews to attend. Calling this number will put you in contact with a trained advisor with additional healthcare professionals on standby to advise on the best medical care option for you to take next.

Important NHS telephone numbers

Department Contact Number
NHS England 0300 311 2233
NHS Scotland 0141 414 2888
Emergency contact number 999
NHS 111 111