Transport for London (TFL) Contact Number: 0343 222 1234

Contact Transport for London (TFL) customer services by phoning their UK helpline number 0343 222 1234 to apply for an Oyster card, for updated bus timetables and to check the latest tube fares.

Transport for London is the UK government body responsible for running the transport system in the capital city including the road network, underground “tube” rail system, buses and trams. Customers can phone TFL by dialling their general enquiries contact number 0343 222 1234 to get updated timetables as their bus times change on a regular basis and to apply for a new Oyster card. By contrast if you have lost your Oyster card you can phone this helpline to get a replacement however you may lose any pay as you go credit you held on the card. Moreover you may dial this number to add a weekly or monthly travel card to your Oyster and to check their current prices, for example the cost differs depending on whether you get a Zone 1-3 travelcard or if you travel from zone 6. In addition if your Oyster card is not scanning correctly at the ticket barriers you can phone this number to check your current balance and for technical support.

Furthermore the TFL telephone number 0343 222 1234 should be called if you have a complaint against a member of their staff and to apply for compensation if a specific train was severely delayed. If you believe you have been unfairly charged for a traffic violation in the city you should call this helpline to correct their mistake.


Congestion charge enquiries – 0343 222 2222

Contact Transport for London (TFL) to pay your congestion charge fee by calling their dedicated phone number 0343 222 2222, where you can also check the current rates which apply to your vehicle depending on your emissions class. You can also phone this helpline to check the zones where the congestion charge applies so that you can avoid an unnecessary penalty charge notice (PCN).


The Customer Support Blog list of TFL contact numbers

TFL department UK phone number
General enquiries & Oyster cards 0343 222 1234
Congestion charge 0343 222 2222
Low emissions zone 0343 222 1111
Santander Cycles 0343 222 6666
Taxis & minicabs 0343 222 4000
TFL Dial-a-Ride 0343 222 7777


Write to TFL

Contact TFL in writing by sending a letter to their customer service postal address which is provided below, please note that they may take up to a week to send a reply to your correspondence so you should call them for urgent enquiries.

Transport for London (TFL) Customer Services,
4th Floor,
14 Pier Walk,
SE10 0ES,
United Kingdom.