0800 783 0111 = Sky Outbound Retentions Team

Whose number is 0800 783 0111?

If you’ve been getting calls from 0800 783 0111 and have wondered who’s calling, relax, it’s only Sky, probably because you’ve recently left them or are attempting to leave and their Outbound Retentions Team is looking to bring you back onboard by offering you a great deal on continued subscriptions or perhaps even offer you a freebie.

Sky Outbound Retentions Team

The Sky Outbound Retentions Team often call people from 0800 783 0111 stating that they’ve been a valued customer in the past, then offering them a great deal to bring them back as a subscriber again. They sometimes also give out freebies to bump up subscription figures and impress advertisers, so don’t be shy to answer their call, especially if you’re thinking of rejoining Sky anyway!