Sky Contact Number: 0800 151 2747

Phone Sky for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 151 2747 from any UK phone – this is their main customer service helpline.

Call Sky on their main general enquiries helpline for free – dial their freephone number 0800 151 2747.

If you are an existing customer you can call Sky on their dedicated Sky TV phone number 03300 412 526 for help with your TV package or phone 03300 412 544 for technical support advice for your broadband service. If you need help with your Sky account, for example if you have forgotten your username or password then you should call their accounts and billing helpline 03442 411 653. For full contact details for each of these Sky services as well as technical support helplines please visit the official Sky contact page for the service you require.

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What is Sky’s main customer service phone number?

03442 411 653 is one of Sky’s official customer service phone numbers – also sometimes advertised in this format: 0344 241 1653. It’s a standard-rate number, costing the same as geographical 01 and 02 phone numbers, and similarly is also compatible with inclusive free minutes if you have any in your contract tariff or bundle.

0800 151 2747 is a cheaper (free) number

03442 411 653 is a cheap number to call – practically free when you have plenty of inclusive free minutes to burn; but 0800 151 2747 is an even better number to call, as it connects you to the same helpline but this number is a real freephone number meaning it won’t even eat into your free minutes allowance if you have one, and you won’t be charged for calls to this number even if you have no free minutes in your pack. Nothing beats a freephone number! Call the 0800 number every time.

Why promote the 03442 number?

If the 0800 number is simply a better, cheaper number to call; then why does Sky not use exclusively promote that number? Why do they still advertise the 03442 number as their main phone number? The reason is that when someone dials the 0800 number, Sky foots the bill of the call, where as when someone dials the 03442 number, the cost of the call falls on the caller’s shoulders instead. This obviously means that with most customers calling the 03442 number, Sky just needs to pay for its customer service staff to man the phones, but when most calls come through the freephone 0800 number, Sky has to pay for everyone’s calls plus staff to man the phones – this would obviously be a terribly large, unnecessary expense. There’s simply no need for Sky to fund everyone’s calls to them. The only reason Sky sometimes advertises their 0800 number is to assist with sales & marketing campaigns where the fewer the barriers to calling the better, and the more memorable the number the better too. Not only do some people know that 0800 numbers are completely free to call unlike 03 numbers which are charged at standard rate (albeit compatible with free minutes where available), but Sky’s 0800 phone number is also more memorable than the 03 number not just because it’s a simpler number but because of the history of 0800 numbers in the UK – it’s like a .com domain name extension – very instinctive to help customers remember it.

How to call from abroad

If calling Sky UK from abroad, you can call either of the same two numbers by substituting the leading 0 for the UK’s international dialling code +44, thus instead of dialling 03442 411 653 you should dial +44 3442 411 653, and instead of dialling 0800 151 2747 you should dial +44 800 151 2747. All of these numbers will connect you to an identical helpline – the main Sky customer service & support helpline.