Openreach Contact Number – 0800 023 2023

Call Openreach UK’s freephone telephone number 0800 023 2023 to contact an engineer about any scheduled repairs to telephone or Internet cables in your local BT network.

About Openreach

Openreach is the subsidiary of BT that owns the pipes and telephone cables that are used to connect homes to the national broadband network within the United Kingdom. Openreach connects BT customers to their local telephone exchange but also ensures that rival telecom operators have equality of access to the company’s network with its telecommunications infrastructure services.

Openreach General Enquiries – 0800 023 2023

Call Openreach UK freephone general enquiries number 0800 023 2023 to contact a representative about any on-going repairs to your broadband service. The BT subsidiary installs fibre optic broadband in select locations around the UK meaning that you can ask a representative about the eligibility in your local area. Alternatively customers can ask an advisor for technical support if there is a fault with the company’s online fibre availability checker before purchasing Openreach infinity high speed Internet. Furthermore callers can arrange for an engineer to provide phone line installation for newly built properties. If you have noticed connectivity issues in your local area then you can ask Openreach to send out a line checker before establishing the cost of repairs.

Furthermore callers can also contact Openreach if there is still a problem after the company has completed engineering work on their property. For instance an Openreach representative will be able to discuss the compensation plans if an engineer has caused damage to your property during recent work. Alternatively if you fear that any part of the company’s network that is outside the boundary of your property is danger to the general public then you can alert the customer care team before emergency action is taken. Callers can also report damage to Openreach works such as loose cables or vandalized green cabinets. However Openreach advisors to contact their broadband service provider for issues that relate to network connectivity of recently completed engineering work.

If you are dissatisfied with the service that Openreach has provided or are unhappy with the conduct of a specific member of staff then you can register a complaint using the customer service helpline.

Openreach operates a 0800 freephone number so that all calls are completely free or charge from both landlines and mobiles. Openreach operates the standard opening hours as its parent company, BT meaning that you can contact a customer service representative from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-6pm weekends.

Other Ways to Contact Openreach

Write to Openreach

If you would like to make a written enquiry about phone line connectivity or return any parts that an engineer has left in your home then you can send a letter to the company’s head office: Openreach, 123 Judd Street WC1H 9 London, United Kingdom.

Tweet Them

If your query relates to BT fibre unlimited broadband then you can contact Openreach on social media using the official BT Fibre Twitter Help Page.