Littlewoods Contact Number – 0344 822 8000

Call Littlewoods UK helpline telephone number 0344 822 8000 to contact a customer service representative about any orders made using the online catalogue service.

About Littlewoods

Littlewoods is a part of the Shop Direct Group following a 2004 merger that led to the closure of many of the brand’s stores but resulted in the company focusing on orders made using their online catalogue service. For instance online customers can order furniture and leisure goods along with clothing before Littlewoods will deliver to their home address.

Littlewoods Customer Services – 0344 822 8000

Call Littlewoods UK customer service helpline 0344 822 8000 to discuss your online purchases or to make any outstanding payments. Callers can also ask the customer services representative about the stock availability for any items in the Littlewoods catalogue or online site. Additionally, if you would like to request a return for an order that you are unhappy with then the Littlewoods UK advisor can detail the refund process or even send a replacement item. Therefore if you have ordered an article of clothing that does not fit correctly then you can request a Littlewoods courier to pick up the item before replacing it with a different size option. It should be noted that Littlewoods customers can request a replacement size regardless of whether they have ordered menswear, womenswear or even childrenswear. Callers can update the details of their Littlewoods account including their registered card or home address before asking the customer service representative to track an existing order that is out for delivery. The Littlewoods representative is also able to discuss which items are on sale before detailing the amount of any discounts.

Alternatively you can call the customer care department if you would like to apply for a Littlewoods card so that you can make purchases using in-store credit before repaying back the cost of your orders in installments. Callers to the Littlewoods customer service number can also discuss how to make a PPI claim or any payment protection insurance that has been unwittingly taken out on one of their past orders. Furthermore if you are unhappy with your PPI arrangement or with any other services offered by Littlewoods then you can register a complaint with the customer care representative.

Callers can also ask the Littlewoods customer service representative for technical support if they are having issues with the online site or the mobile phone app such as the shopping basket not showing any processed orders.

Littlewoods UK customer service number operates a ’03’ area code meaning that all calls are charge the standard local per-minute rate from both landlines and mobiles. However your call to Littlewoods may be completely free of charge if you are using any inclusive free minutes offered by your service provider. The opening hours for the Littlewoods customer service helpline are 7am-11pm, Monday to Sunday.

Email Littlewoods

Alternatively Littlewoods customers have the option to contact a representative online using the Littlewoods general enquiries email address: However when sending an email to the customer service team you should include details such as your name and whether you are the Littlewoods accountholder while also including the account number so that the representative can track your transactions accordingly. If you would like to contact Littlewoods about a specific order then your email should include the item number and the date you made the purchase.