LG Contact Number: 0344 847 5454

Contact LG on their UK customer service phone number 0344 847 5454 to place a telephone order for a new refrigerator, to get a refund for a broken television and to find your nearest authorised repair centre.

LG sells a vast array of electronic devices in the worldwide market, ranging from portable smartphone and camera devices to large home appliances such as washing machines. UK customers can phone LG by dialling their local-rate contact number 0344 847 5454 to place telephone orders, to upgrade their current device and to get a refund for an unwanted delivery. If your device has developed a technical fault you can call this helpline for support and to locate your nearest authorised repair facility, however if you require replacement parts you may be charged if your item is no longer covered by a warranty policy. Commercial customers can also call this helpline to repair specialist devices including professional video cameras and refrigerators for restaurants.

The LG customer care helpline is open from 9am-6pm Monday-Friday however they will be closed on UK bank holidays. Calls to their national contact number will be charged at the same rate as phoning local 01 and 02 numbers, which means you will be able to phone LG for free if you get inclusive minutes on your tariff.


LG head office complaints – 01932 331 400

Contact the LG UK head office by calling their Weybridge phone number 01932 331 400 to make a complaint about a faulty electronic device or rude members of staff. Moreover you can call this helpline for compensation claims if your household appliance caught fire due to a manufacturing error, causing damage to your home property.


Write to LG

Customers can write directly to the LG UK head office in Weybridge for general enquiries and feedback about their electronic devices, please do not include payment details or cheque payments when writing to their postal address:
Velocity 2,
KT13 0SL,
United Kingdom.