Ticketmaster Contact Number: 0333 321 9999

Phone Ticketmaster on their UK customer service contact number 0333 321 9999 to purchase a concert ticket, to sell a booking under their resale agreement and for general enquiries about their refund policy.

Ticketmaster is a US-based ticket sales company which manages bookings for music concerts, sporting events and theatre shows around the globe. They have a huge market share of the sometimes controversial ticket resale market in the United Kingdom as well as being the official vendor for several well-known venues across the country. You can call their customer service desk by phoning their UK contact number 0333 321 9999 to purchase tickets over the phone and to amend an existing booking. You can also call this helpline to get updates on prices and to make flexible group bookings. If you are no longer able to attend an event you can dial this number to get a refund for your ticket, however please check their returns policy before you purchase your ticket as there may be certain time limits on when you can make a cancellation.

As stated Ticketmaster is a vendor of resale tickets therefore you can phone their customer service contact number if you wish to sell an unwanted ticket through their platform, if demand for an event is high you may even be able to make a profit on the booking.

All calls to this Ticketmaster contact number are charged at standard UK local rates whereby you can use free inclusive minutes from your tariff, otherwise you will pay your provider an access charge plus a per-minute fee which varies according to when you make the call.


Complain to Ticketmaster – 0333 321 9999

Contact Ticketmaster to make a complaint by calling their customer care phone number 0333 321 9999 where you can complain about a fake ticket being sold on their website, poor conduct by a member of their telephone staff and about extortionate prices on their website. You could also send Ticketmaster a letter of complaint by writing to their UK head office address:

Ticketmaster UK Limited,
PO Box 798,
M60 1WU,
United Kingdom.


Ticketmaster telephone numbers

Department Ticketmaster phone number
Customer services 0333 321 9999
Contact Ticketmaster UK from abroad +44 161 425 7563
Phone Ticketmaster Ireland from the UK and Northern Ireland 0333 321 9996