Apple ID Contact Number: 0800 107 6285

The best UK contact number via which to get help with your Apple ID is their freephone helpline number 0800 107 6285. Alternatively, to get support with your Apple ID account other than via the phone, you can always contact Apple’s customer care team via their website support centre: – upon browsing this page simple select “Apple ID” then you can choose to have them call you back if you leave your number with them.

Apple‘s success in the field of computing has propelled it to become one of the most widely recognised brands in the world. Some of Apple’s most successful products include the iPod, the Mac, the iPad and the iPhone. To make full use of the hardware that they developed, they also created a bunch of apps and software programs that enable their users to fully utilise the potential of their devices. These apps are integrated into a network that Apple uses to maintain information and user data about their customers.

These Apple-exclusive programs and networks include iTunes, an interface tool with which an Apple device owner can store and arrange media files such as music in a portable device such as an iPhone, iPad or historically an iPod. Another popular exclusive program is the Game Centre. The Game Centre stores game files and data from a user thus allowing progress in a game to be saved and retrieved. A third popular program is the iCloud which Apple users can use to take selfie images or any other file in their device and store it in the cloud – this data or file can be retrieved from the cloud by anyone who has access.

Accessing all the above mentioned programs require a unified account for all Apple programs and apps – this is the Apple ID. With an Apple ID, you will be able to store your user data to your device and software apps. This means that your data will be protected as long as no one knows your ID.


Apple ID support online

As your Apple ID forms such an important aspect of your device experience, it should follow then that when you’re experiencing issues Apple needs to provide quick and accurate support. If by any twist of fate you find yourself in need of help with issues about your Apple ID, for example if you have forgotten your username or password, you can try and find solutions on their technical support website

Click on ‘Apple ID’ and then on the following page click on the type of issue you are facing. You then have to choose what method of contact you wish to initiate. If you prefer to speak to them on the phone, then choose any of the call support options. You’ll be asked to provide your details and contact number so Apple Support can call you immediately, later or on a scheduled date. They don’t always have their customer support phone numbers published in the most obvious places, so it’s often easier to simply wait for them to call you back.


Call Apple ID support – 0800 107 6285

For support with your Apple ID simply give them a call on their freephone contact number 0800 107 6285 where you can reset your account if you have forgotten details such as your username or password. You should also phone this number if you believe your ID account has been fraudulently accessed so that they can give you full ownership of your files again.