Barclaycard Contact Number: 0800 151 0900

Contact Barclaycard customer services for free by dialling their freephone number 0800 151 0900 to apply for a credit card, to report a missing card and for technical support with making a balance transfer on their online platform.

Barclaycard was the very first credit card introduced to the United Kingdom in 1966 and has grown from strength to strength to the extent is is now one of the most issued credit cards across the whole of Europe. Customers can call Barclays for free via their freephone contact number 0800 151 0900 to apply for a new credit card, to track an existing application and to activate your new card once it has arrived. However please check the annual APR interest rates which you will have to pay to borrow funds on your Barclaycard and be aware that you may be rejected for their products if you have a poor credit score. This helpline is also suitable if your require technical support when signing in to their online platform, so please call their friendly customer care staff if you have forgotten your username or password. You can also access telephone banking services by calling this number which is helpful if you wish to make a balance transfer. Finally you can contact Barclaycard by phoning their customer service number if you wish to add another cardholder to your account or to close your account once you have paid off any outstanding debts.

Alternatively if you need to contact the bank about your current account, mortgage or loan you can visit our dedicated page of Barclays contact numbers.


Report a lost or stolen Barclaycard – 0800 161 5308

Contact Barclaycard for free on their freephone number 0800 161 5308 immediately to report your credit card as lost or stolen. The reason why you should phone them as quickly as possible is that your card may have been taken by criminals who wish to fraudulently access your account to illegally purchase goods. If they have managed to take funds from you then please call this helpline to notify the Barclays security team and to get the funds refunded onto your account.


Barclaycard telephone numbers from the Number Expert

General enquiries 0800 151 0900
Phone Barclaycard from overseas +44 1604 230 230
Barclaycard customer service textphone helpline 18001 0800 161 5276
Apply for a new Barclaycard 0800 731 0200
myBarclaycard services 0800 161 5300
Report a lost or stolen Barclaycard 0800 161 5308
3D secure queries 0800 161 5306
Get your Barclaycard correspondence in braille or large print 0800 161 5326
IHG Rewards Club 0333 202 1149
Freedom Rewards enquiries 0845 070 2525
Hilton Hhonours 0333 202 1145
Report fraud 0800 318 665
Sentinal card protection insurance 0800 023 4318
Get a quote for card protection insurance 0844 848 5265