Blackwells Contact Number: 01865 333 536

Phone Blackwells on their UK contact number 01865 333 536 for help searching the online catalogue for a specific academic text, to ask how to apply a discount code at check out, or to as for the nearest location of the UK bookshop.

Online Enquiries – 01865 333 536

You can call Blackwells on their online enquiries contact number 01865 333 536 if you are having a problem ordering online, applying a discount code, or navigating the bookshop’s website. For instance, you may be finding it difficult to search the online catalogue. for a particular academic text, piece of fiction or non-fiction book. Alternatively, customers can use the Blackwells contact number to ask when their order will be dispatched and how long it will subsequently take to arrive. If an order has already shipped but has not yet arrived then you can use this number to request delivery updates. You can call also Blackwells to ask if you can order a second hand book if the title you require is currently out of print. Moreover, you may wish to ask a customer service representative for a list of UK locations, whether you are based in a major city such as London or Manchester, or are looking for a branch close to a University campus, such as Oxford and Exeter.

You should phone Blackwells on their online enquiries number 01865 333 536 to amend an order so that you can add a title to your purchase before it is shipped or instead collect your book from store. You may even wish to call the bookstore for help managing your online account, and can use this number to change your email address, registered payment details or to turn on alerts when a particular title comes into stock. Finally, you can get in touch to ask how to return any unwanted items bought from the online store, and given that your item is sent back within 7 days of purchase, in its original condition, you will receive a full refund.


Blackwells Call Costs

Contact numbers that start with a local area code cost the same per-minute rate as any geographic call made from a UK landline or mobile phone. However, Blackwells will be free to contact if your landline deal includes free calls to local rate numbers or if your mobile tariff has inclusive free minutes. You will be able to contact a customer service representative during the phone line’s opening times of 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and from 9am-5pm on Saturdays.


Blackwells Phone Numbers

Blackwells Helpline UK Contact Number
Online Queries 01865 333 536
Head Office Queries 01865 792 792
Credit Account Queries 01865 333 650


Email Customer Services

Alternatively, if you would like to quote an online sales receipt or order confirmation during your claim for a refund then you may wish to forward your email correspondence to the Blackwells customer service address as follows: