Facebook Contact Number

You can contact Facebook customer services on their USA phone number +1-650-543-4800 to manage your account – note that international call charges will apply! However if you prefer to email them you can access the social network’s help webpage at facebook.com/help.

Facebook is one of the recent inventions that changed the world as it now seems like such a small place – in terms of communication anyway.  Mark Zuckerberg first created Facebook as an exclusive social network for students studying at Harvard University in the United States. The website’s popularity exploded and other universities were soon added to the network.  Today, Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active users who open their Facebook accounts several times every day on average. Whenever they’re online, they can spend hours poring through posts and interacting with them via innovative features such as likes, reactions, tagging and commenting. You can even send messages through their in-built chat system as well as viewing pictures posted by friends or followed famous personalities.

Facebook has always been and will always be a freemium service. This means that they deliver a premium-quality website and ask no membership fee or a purchasing fee from their customers in return. Facebook generally gets its revenue from advertisements that advertisers put in front of a highly targeted audience based on what you have liked previously on the site.

Facebook customer services: +1 650 543 4800

Contact Facebook customer services over the phone by dialling their US number +1 650 543 4800 to manage your account in the event that you have forgotten either your username or password. Furthermore if you would like to close your Facebook account or notify them that a loved one has passed away you can call this helpline for technical support. Facebook is an online innovation that has managed to become one of the brand leaders in social networking. As such its integration into the lives of their users means that whenever there is something wrong with the system then the users are affected tremendously. Technical issues which can beset Facebook include having one’s account hacked, having posts mysteriously disappear, missing friends and even problems occurring as a result of their interface redesigns. Any of these can be cause for concern for many users the world over and sometimes all that’s needed is a reassuring voice from a customer service agent, unfortunately their customer service helpline is only advertised in the United States. Please note that lines will only be open 1pm-9pm Monday-Friday UK time (9am-5pm US standard time) and that calls will cost you significantly more than making the equivalent UK-only call.

Email Facebook

You can also send them feedback about any of their features by email via filling in their contact form here:  www.facebook.com/help. You can also use this service to browse the many enquiries that have been asked and answered satisfactorily by the forum contributors according to the categories which are relevant to your specific issue.

If you wish to report content that is offensive to you or that which you don’t think should be on Facebook, then use the report link near the post itself. Click the little down arrow icon to the right of the offensive post and select the “report post” option.

If it’s a page or a person that you wish to report, then go to the offending page then click on the small button with three dots just below the cover photo then select “report page”.

If you want to send a message to the Facebook team regarding a technical glitch then report the problem to them by clicking on the down arrow located at the right-most portion of your account toolbar and click on “Report a problem”. This is also where you can find the “Support Inbox” where you can see your existing correspondence with the Facebook customer service team.