GHD Contact Number: 01924 423 400

Phone GHD Hair on their UK contact number 01924 423 400 to discuss hair straighteners you own or are considering buying with customer care as well as to purchase accessories such as curlers and brushes.

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, it adds to her beauty and as such should be well maintained and styled. The imperative to style one’s hair is has been an evolutionary, biological and cultural imperative.

This however is not the only reason why a woman would want to look her best and make herself more beautiful, women simply like to look beautiful so there shouldn’t even need to be a reason aside from that. GHD understands this, this is why they design the market-leading hair straighteners, irons, curlers and stylers that enable women to achieve a professionally-styled look at home. Women will always have a good hair day with their set of stylers and accessories such as brushes.

Phone GHD

  • If you wish to speak to GHD via their customer service hotline you can call them on their GHD contact number 01924 423 400, you can phone this number with your general enquiries and they’ll be happy to assist you with purchasing one of their straightener products. They also pride themselves on offering expert advice on which styling products would be most suitable for your type of hair, so rest assured they will have something to help you look your best if you have curly hair, thin hair and short hair.


GHD’s website

  • If you have some questions regarding your purchase of GHD products then you can try and search their FAQs here: Maybe your question has already been answered thus you may save yourself the time and effort of contacting the company through their FAQ’s pages.
  • However if your question is not listed on their FAQs and you would like to get in touch them directly, then you can use the contact form found here:

By using this contact form, you will be able to communicate with the company your specific concern. You can write about internet orders, ask about their return policies, ask about a replacement plug for your straighteners, enquire about hologram numbers, ask about their product warranty, ask about anything pertaining the company or even make general enquiries as a member of the press.


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You can also view styling tips on the GHD Instagram page:

Finally you can request customer service support and check out their sales offers on their Twitter page @ghd.