McDonald’s Contact Number: 0370 524 4622

Contact McDonald’s customer services by calling their main telephone number 0370 524 4622, where you can complain about a specific fast food order and get detailed nutritional information for their menu.

McDonald’s is officially the largest fast-food restaurant chain in the world and they have over 1200 franchised stores in the UK alone. It is very hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy the occasional Big Mac meal or box of Chicken McNuggets, and their delicious crispy fries are legendary around the world and are perhaps synonymous with their famous golden arches logo. Every year they run a hugely popular sweepstakes competition ‘McDonald’s Monopoly’, tied in with the famous Hasbro game, where you can win a huge range of prizes as well as free food and beverages.

McDonald’s Customer Services – 0370 524 4622

Phone McDonald’s customer service team by calling their contact number 0370 524 4622, which is charged at local rates. When calling this helpline you can make a complaint about a specific food order that you were served in one of their restaurants, note that when doing so it will be helpful to have the receipt for the below-par menu item in front of you so that they can refund you as quickly as possible. You can also call this number to obtain nutritional information about their food, thus preventing allergic reactions, and to get information about what goes into their food. They have also run a recent advertising campaign centred around their ingredients with the strapline “that’s what makes McDonald’s”.

The main McDonald’s Customer Service phone number 0370 524 4622 is open from 8am-7pm Monday-Friday and 10am-4pm Saturday, so please be aware that you will not be able to make a telephone enquiry on Sundays as well as any UK bank holiday. This helpline is charged at the same rate as calls to local 01 and 02 area code phone numbers.

Email McDonald’s

If you would prefer to send an email to McDonald’s you can fill out an official contact form on their website where you can make a general enquiry as well as provide feedback on a visit to a specific restaurant or an exact menu order. You can request a callback at a more convenient time as well as correspond with them via a return email.

Find your Nearest McDonald’s

When you get that craving for McDonald’s and you’re not sure where their nearest restaurant is you can use their official locator service to find your nearest restaurant. Whilst using this service you can find out which of their restaurants are open 24 hours a day, perfect for late-night snacking, as well as restaurants that are easily accessible for disabled patrons.

Write to McDonald’s

You can also make official enquiries and complaints to McDonald’s in writing by sending your letters to their official head office in London using this address:
McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd,

11-59 High Road,
East Finchley,
N2 8AW,
United Kingdom.