Samsung Contact Number: 0330 726 7864

Contact Samsung Customer Care by calling their UK service centre phone number 0330 726 7864 for technical support with your mobile phone or another of their electronic devices, which include televisions and cameras.

Samsung is the largest global manufacturer of mobile phones, which has helped fuel its success as the second most powerful information & technology company in the world. You can direct your calls to their UK customer service contact number 0330 726 7864 for information about their range of smartphones and tablet computers. If you already own one of their devices you can also call this customer care helpline for technical support and troubleshooting guidance to help fix the issue, therefore you should call this number if your mobile signal goes down when there isn’t a fault with the network you are on. Other common mobile phone issues include battery faults, damaged screens and broken speakers. Similarly if you aren’t receiving sound or picture on your Samsung television then you can get assistance from their specialist experts. Additionally if your device is under warranty you can call their number to get either a replacement device or a full refund. This is also the main contact number for their range of appliances, thus please call them if you need assistance with your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine or microwave.

Samsung Shop – 0330 726 7467

Contact Samsung by calling their shop telephone number 0330 726 7467 to order a new mobile phone, television or household appliance. Similarly if you have already made an order then you can call this helpline to track your existing package and to change the delivery date if this is no longer convenient for you. You should also call their store team if you are having technical difficulties with using the online store and to notify the delivery drivers of where is most convenient to park when bringing your new white goods appliance into your home.

Head office & complaints – 01932 455 000

Phone Samsung’s head office directly by calling their Chertsey-registered contact number 01932 455 000 to make an official complaint about your electronic device. Therefore you should call this number if they are refusing to repair an item or replace it despite it being under warranty. Similarly if you have been offended by a member of their staff then you can call this helpline to notify their manager to prevent a similar situation happening again.

Department Phone number
Customer care 0330 726 7864
Samsung Shop 0330 726 7467
Head office, careers & complaints 01932 455 000

Email Samsung

Although the do not have a specific email address you can still contact Samsung online by filling out a contact form on their UK website, their team of customer service advisors will then be in touch with you via return email.

Postal address

Contacting Samsung via post will usually be significantly slower than calling their customer service helplines or by sending them an email, regardless of this you can write letters of general enquiry and complaint to their UK head office postal address:

Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd,
Samsung House 1000,
Hillswood Drive,
KT16 0PS,
United Kingdom.