SSE / Southern Electric: 0800 980 8476

Phone Southern Electric (SSE) on their freephone contact number 0800 980 8476 to discuss their energy services, your bill or a customer care matter pertaining to your gas and electricity supply.

Southern Electric used to be a government-run power firm until its privatisation in 1990. Southern Electric then merged with another giant energy company, Scottish Hydro Electric, to form what is now Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE). SSE retained the use of the Southern Electric name and logo in its business because of their customers’ familiarity with their branding.

Southern Electric is a utilities brand that operates as part of the SSE corporation. They provide electricity and gas to households in the UK, plus the tariffs they offer their customers are competitive in comparison to the overall energy market. They even claim that their gas tariffs are lower than the majority of similar power companies, thus allowing their subscribers to save more with them compared with their competition. They also have Pay as You Go tariffs for those who only wish to pay for actual energy use under a flexible arrangement as opposed to having a fixed-rate monthly payment.

Other services and products that are included under the SSE Southern Electric brand include heating & wiring insurance policies, landline phone connections and broadband internet service provision.

If you have a question about the services and products that they offer, then you can visit their FAQs here:


Phone SSE

If you prefer to contact SSE over the phone yourself then call them at the following numbers where you can discuss your gas and electricity bills. Please choose the appropriate Southern Electric contact number matching your concern:

For General Enquiries use one of these freephone numbers:

  • Energy (Electricity & Gas) – 0800 980 8476
  • Heating (Shield Services) – 0800 975 0807
  • Broadband – 0800 980 9922
  • Phone service – 0800 980 9922

You can also contact Southern Electric using the “Contact us” form found here:


SSE Emergency helplines

In an emergency such as a gas leak or power cut please contact whatever number corresponds to your location, however make sure you are in a safe location before you call particularly in case of carbon monoxide leaks.


Electricity emergencies & power cuts

  • If you’re located in North West England, phone 0800 195 4141 to report a power cut.
  • For North East England call – 0800 66 88 77.
  • For Yorkshire, it’s 0800 375 675.
  • In the East Midlands, dial 0800 056 8090.
  • In the general Midlands, phone 0800 328 1111.
  • East England meanwhile is 0800 783 8838.
  • South East England’s number is 0800 783 8866.
  • For London area electrical emergencies, call 0800 028 0247.
  • Southern England in general, phone 0800 072 7282 or 0345 072 1905.
  • In Northern Scotland, call 0800 300 999 or 0345 072 1901.
  • In Southern Scotland, phone 0800 092 9290.
  • If you’re located in Cheshire, Merseyside, North Wales or North Shropshire, phone 0800 001 5400.
  • If you are in South Wales, call 0800 052 0400.


Gas Emergencies

  • If you smell gas or suspect a carbon monoxide leak, then call the National Gas Emergency number for free on 0800 111 999. This helpline is open 24 hours a day so please do not hesitate to call them once you are in a safe location.
  • For Pay as You Go Electricity emergencies and meter faults please phone: 0800 980 0414.
  • Pay as You Go gas emergencies, call 0800 980 0427.


Switch to SSE

If you are interested in switching to any of the SSE Southern Electric packages, then contact them at the following free-to-call numbers. These services include energy, landline telephone, boiler repair and central heating maintenance packages.

  • To switch to Scottish Southern Electric energy phone: 0800 980 2475.
  • For landline telephone switching, call: 0800 107 3203.
  • For broadband switches, dial: 0800 197 1928.
  • Shield Services (gas boiler & wiring care) switches, phone: 0800 975 0788.
  • For Central heating & gas boiler or electrical installation switching meanwhile please ring:
    0800 107 1245.


Moving Home

If you’re moving home you can inform SSE by giving them a call on the following freephone numbers so they can send you a final bill at your current house and set up your supply at your new address:

  • When moving your gas and electricity energy services phone SSE for free on 0800 107 9639.
  • If you want to change your Pay-as-You-Go billing address please call 0800 980 2481.
  • Landlords or Letting Agent can call SSE to update credit meters by dialling their dedicated freephone number 0800 072 7248.
  • Broadband and landline phone contracts meanwhile can be moved to a new address by calling 0800 294 4720.


Meter readings and payments

  • To submit a meter reading call this 24/7 freephone number 0800 107 3205, which will prevent you from being overcharged on your energy bills due to inaccurate readings.
  • Contact SSE to make a payment with your debit or credit card on 0800 980 9649.


Pay as You Go Enquiries

  • For pay as you go electricity electricity enquiries please phone SSE on their freephone contact number 0800 980 0414.
  • For gas pay as you go (PayG) enquiries call 0800 980 0427.
  • To move or change your address phone 0800 980 2481.
  • For water supply enquiries call 0800 980 1391.


Priority Services and Special Assistance

  • Call 0800 622 838 to access the elderly, sick & disabled careline. Here you can enquire about discounts on your energy bills and get home improvement tips for using your electricity supplies safely.
  • Alternatively phone SSE for free on 0800 622 839 which is a textline for those with speech and hearing impediments.
  • Phone 0800 072 7201 for Energyline advice and information about using energy efficiently.


SSE Green Deal customers

  • If you require support with a Green Deal credit meter, phone this freephone contact number 0800 975 1531 for free.
  • To install a new Green Deal Pay as You Go Meter please call SSE on 0800 975 1753.


Social Media

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