Toys R Us Contact Number: 01628 414 168

Contact Toys R Us on their dedicated customer service phone number 01628 414 168, where enquiries about toys and games bought online are handled.

Play drives a big part of the behaviour of a child which means that toys become a big part of their lives as they grow up. Think back to when you had a favourite toy, what was its shape, size, colour? Did you play with it often? Did you have it with you wherever you go? Now do you see just how important a toy is to a child?

Well, if you’re still a kid at heart or you already have kids of your own then make your way to Toys R Us, which is the pioneer retail store that specialises in toys for children alongside a select range of video games and puzzles. They already have a wide global operation as they are an established brand that both kids and parents can trust.


Toys R Us customer services – 01628 414 168

Phone Toys R Us customer services by dialling their UK contact number 01628 414 168 for general enquiries about their range of toys, games and puzzles. Moreover you can phone this helpline to check whether a particular toy is available in store, which is especially helpful during the hectic Christmas period. Alternatively if you have enquiries or issues regarding your online purchases then you can either phone their UK contact number 0345 786 9778, fax them copies of receipts on 0191 416 8551 or send letters in the post via:

Toys ‘R’ Us Customer Service,
Unit 1, Follingsby Park,
Tyne and Wear,
NE10 8HQ,
United Kingdom.


Toys R Us gold card – 0345 367 7878

  • If you have a Toys R Us Gold Card, then you can call them on their dedicated contact number 0345 367 7878 to report a missing loyalty card over the telephone.
  • You can also email the Gold Card Customer Support Team using this address:


Toys R Us websites

  • If you would like to locate a store in the UK, then use their store locator here: You can also contact your local store directly for support once you have found your nearest outlet.
  • If you are having some issues with the services and games offered by Toys R Us, they you can look for the answer on their comprehensive support help webpage:
  • If you wish to contact Toys R Us Uk about a toy you have bought from one of their stores, then you can do so by emailing them at:
  • You can also use the contact form available at the bottom of this page here:


Write to Toys R Us

If you prefer to use pen and paper then send your postal enquiries to the Toys R Us customer service office using this UK postal address:

Customer Service,
Toys R Us Ltd,
Maidenhead Office Park,
SL6 3QH,
United Kingdom.