Virgin Atlantic Contact Number: 0344 209 7770

Contact Virgin Atlantic by calling their customer service phone number 0344 209 7770 for status information about their flights and to book a ticket.

Virgin Atlantic is a British airline company which runs flights to a number of international destinations including, as their name suggests, flights between the UK and the US. You should call their customer service contact number 0344 209 7770 for general enquiries about their flights and to get live arrivals & departures information for any of their flights, thus allowing you to plan ahead in case there are any delays. You should also phone this helpline to manage an existing booking, for example if you need to change your seat number or if your name is misspelled on your ticket. Alternatively if you require accessibility services during your flight or at the airport you should call their dedicated phone number 0344 481 4455 to notify them of your requirements.

Book a flight – 0344 874 7747

Phone Virgin Atlantic’s booking helpline by calling their UK contact number 0344 874 7747 where you can book a ticket, enquire about their prices and order duty free & in-flight meals. You should also call this number to upgrade your current booking if you would prefer to travel in first class or business class instead. Additionally you can phone this helpline to cancel a booking and recieve a refund in the event that you are no longer able to travel.

Flying Club – 0344 412 2414

Contact Virgin Atlantic Flying Club on their official telephone number 0344 412 2414 to manage your frequent flyer miles and to add miles onto your account from a previous trip. You should also phone this number if you are having technical difficulties when booking a flight using your miles and to update the personal information on your account if you have changed your name or address. If you would like to join the Flying Club then or if you simply have enquiries about how many miles you recieve from any particular flight then you should also phone this number

Baggage enquiries – 0344 209 7304

Contact Virgin Atlantic by calling their UK baggage enquiries phone number if an item of luggage has been damaged or misplaced therefore you would like to claim compensation. Furthermore if your baggage has been delayed you should contact them on their helpline to track its progress and find out exactly where it is in real time.

Head office & complaints – 0344 8110 000

Contact Virgin Atlantic by calling their head office phone number 0344 8110 000 directly to make an official complaint about a specific flight and to notify them of staff negligence that led to your baggage being delayed or damaged. Customer service advisors on this helpline will guide you through their complaints procedure and notify you of what steps you can take to escalate the complaint in the event that you are unsatisfied with their proposed resolution.

Virgin Atlantic phone numbers – at a glance

Department Phone Number
Customer service 0344 209 7770
Reservations 0344 874 7747
Flying Club 0344 412 2414
Baggage enquiries 0344 209 7304
Head office & complaints 0344 8110 000

Email address

You can contact Virgin Atlantic via their official email address for general enquiries and for customer service guidance about your specific flight in the event that you are too busy to call their helplines, similarly if their telephone advisors are already occupied at peak times.

Write to Virgin Atlantic

Although writing to Virgin Atlantic using conventional postal methods may take longer than contacting them via telephone you can still send your enquiries and comments to their official customer service postal address which is provided below, where you can also send photographic evidence and receipts pertaining to a baggage claim or refund.

Virgin Atlantic – Customer Relations,
The Office,
Manor Royal,
West Sussex,
RH10 9NU,
United Kingdom.