Xbox One Contact Number: 0800 587 1102

The best UK contact number for Microsoft Xbox One games console support is their freephone helpline 0800 587 1102. To contact the Xbox One Customer Support team you can also Tweet your queries to their official Twitter feed @XboxSupport.

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s premier games console which competes with other devices such as the Sony PlayStation 4. It was first released in 2013 after years of development and a budget of several millions. When it was first released it became clear that the Xbox One is a gaming console that has very great potential.

Today its latest version aims to be the console that brings the Microsoft Xbox division to the very top of console gaming. The current unit is a beast with a 1.75 GHz AMD 8-core processor, 8GB RAM and 500GB hard drive. These upgraded specs allow the Xbox One to render graphics and details with life-like precision, thus making the entire gaming experience all the more immersive. The Xbox One is also considered to be a total entertainment console, integrating television streaming and internet connectivity alongside its gaming features.


Get Xbox One support over the phone – 0800 587 1102

Contact the Microsoft Xbox One team over the phone by calling their freephone helpline number 0800 587 1102 for free to get technical support with your console. You can also dial this number if you need troubleshooting advice with your Xbox Live account, for example if you are unable to connect to a multiplayer server. You can also have them call you on the phone by selecting Xbox One on their UK contact website:


Contact Xbox One via the Web

If you are experiencing issues with your Xbox One, you should get help right away. You can do this by browsing their official support page for the Xbox One here:

This page contains a lot of helpful guides and articles for Xbox users to browse. You just need to look for the article that solves the technical problem that you are currently experiencing.

If their FAQs page doesn’t have the solution to the issue you’re facing, then you can tap the Xbox community for help. You can do this by posting your specific issue onto the Xbox One support forum here:

You can also chat with a volunteer from the active Xbox community by clicking on the option on the bottom right part of this page:

If you want to get answers straight from the Xbox Support Team, then you can visit and pick Xbox One.

After selecting the exact problem you are having, you’ll be asked whether you want to chat online or talk on the phone. If you choose to speak to them on the telephone, remember that they are the ones who will call you and not the other way around, so you won’t be given a dedicated Xbox One customer service contact number for you to call.



You can also send Microsoft Xbox One Support a message on Twitter @XboxSupport.